Monday, 31 January 2011

Let me point you to an interesting article ....

"The iPad, One Year On" although, to quote the article, I'd have prefered to have called it "The iPad - the great love/hate device where both sides are equally right"!  Anyone who read my post 'iPad - big iPhone or small Laptop?' will understand when I say ..  

Either way, a recent post on Trusted Reviews discusses how the iPad, despite it's many critics, has become "the most successful launch in Apple's history and changed the technology industry".  The sales figues are quite simply staggering:  "... the iPad accounted for $4.6 billion in revenue [in one quarter]. 7.33 million units sold in just three months, 15 million units since April. iPad earnings almost equal the whole of Apple's 27 year old Mac business".

But critics it most certainly has - iFad to name but one one phrase used - and they still want to be vocal about it.  WHY?!  Get a life!!

Anyway, read it and decide for yourself.

And, sorry for the sexist humour, but I still laugh at the one about "just bought my wife an iRon!"