Sunday, 23 January 2011

The Spirit of Great Britain ... One of a Kind


I visited a childhood hero today!  The Avro Vulcan V-Bomber
My first encounter with the Vulcan was in my early teens as a member of the Air Training Corps (now Air Cadets) when on a summer camp we were fortunate to be billeted on an active Vulcan base.  To watch them lumber down the runway, never quite believing this behemoth of an aircraft could ever get off the ground (but they always did!), but once in the air a most beautiful and graceful sight to behold.

I’ve been a long-time supporter of the Vulcan to the Sky Trust, and try and get to see XH558 ‘The Sprit of Great Britain’ as often as possible (though last year was a bit of a washout on the air show front), but I recently joined the supporters club and so had the chance to visit XH558 during her winter service at RAF Lyneham.  

Bomb Bay and Outer Panels

And what a treat it was.  Up close and personal with ample opportunity to have a good look round the aircraft.  Also with some very knowledgeable aircrew and supporters on hand to talk about their experiences.  Certainly a day to remember for me (though I can understand if not everyone shares my enthusiasm for the smell of hydraulic oils!)

[Here’s a quick video from the visit – having had more than enough time to take all the pictures I wanted, I still had time to shoot a bit of video, so here’s a quick edit to get a bit of the atmosphere (no smelly vision I’m afraid!) – no comments about the poor camera work or editing please, just a very quick effort with no polish!] 

To help keep this unique aircraft flying, the last of a kind, please visit Vulcan to the Sky and give generously. 
Thank you.