Saturday, 12 February 2011

Arrested for Sitting by a River!!

Well, not arrested exactly.  In fact not even close!  But, there I was, quietly sitting by the river, sipping my cup of tea, when two West Midland Police CSOs deemed it necessary to enquire as to the nature of my activities!

"Apart from the bleedin' obvious?" I replied with big disarming smile and open, friendly body language! Before he can take his line of questioning any further Female CSO sees my camera and exclaims “My, what a big one!” to which I respond “size isn’t everything – it’s how you use it that counts!” (well, it’s true!).

Male CSO than asks if he can take my details for ‘his records’ ....
Me:  “You don’t have to have my details do you?” still with the big friendly smile
CSO: “Can I have your details?” he tries again
Me:  “But you don’t have to have my details do you?” I reassert
CSO:  “No” clearly now a little crestfallen at such friendly resistance, he stops taking his little notepad out
Me:  “OK then, I’ll give them to you voluntarily
Upon which eager CSO struggles to get his notepad out and find a blank page, by which time I have had to repeat my name three times!

Honours at least even, they go on their way and I sit and wait for that bloody Kingfisher my wife has seen all week, but obviously has a weekend residence somewhere in the country!!

Seriously, I have a lot of respect for the police, I grew up next door to a police house and have many relations in the force, and I know they have a difficult job to do at times sifting out the ‘bad guys’ from the rest of us, but how can sitting by the river be the slightest bit worthy of anything beyond a “Good morning – any luck yet?”?!!

Rant over.  Thank you for listening!

ps - FOUR TIMES I went back to that river today - FOUR TIMES - and do you think I saw any sign of that damn Kingfisher?  Not a peep.  Think I'll stick to shooting girls in the studio - at least they turn up (well, most of the time anyway!)