Thursday, 18 August 2011

From my Library .... Vulcan XH558 - yet again!

Sad news for anyone heading to an airshow this weekend (Bournemouth, Shoreham or Oxford), inclement weather notwithstanding, as XH558 has developed a fuel leak and will not be flying for the next two weeks.

Bad news for those who wanted to see her fly; bad news also for the Vulcan To The Sky Trust as this is bound to adversely impact fundraising (the weather looks like it's going to dampen spirits as well). However, for the enthusiast don't be downhearted...

I read that all three shows have booked the equally rare Sea Vixen.  That will be worth seeing!

Not wishing to rub salt into the wound, the picture is from the Coventry Fly In last year when Pilot Martin Withers gave us a wide open throttle 'missed approach' shaking the ground as the plane climbed away from the open-mouthed spectators!  Fantastic.