Monday, 22 August 2011

Black Weekend for Air Displays

This past weekend will be remembered for all the wrong reasons following a trio of fatalities at air shows here in the UK and in the US.

Flt Lt Jon 'Eggman' Egging from the RAF Aerobatic Team The Red Arrows, seen here leading at the Cotswold Airshow, lost control of the aircraft after the main display, the risky stuff, was complete.  There is much speculation as to the reason for the crash but some sort of catastrophic failure of the aircraft seems probable.

As we were coming to terms with this tragic news reports began to filter through of the death of a pilot in the USA.  Bryan Jensen, flying a biplane at the Kansas City Air Show, was doing a series of aerobatic moves but failed to recover from a downward spiral.

Then on Sunday we heard from the Selfridge Air Show in Michigan, USA, that daredevil wingwalker Todd Green fell to his death as he tried to transfer from an aircraft to a helicopter.

All involved knew, and accepted, the risks, and there is perhaps some solace in that they were doing something they loved.  My thoughts are with the families and friends of Flt Lt Egging, Bryan Jensen and Todd Green.