Wednesday, 2 March 2011

From my Library .... Santa Pod Drag Racing

As a lifetime fan of motorsport it was a real omission that I had never been to a top-flight Drag Racing event - until last year!  I toddled off down to Santa Pod last September for the 'FIA European Drag Racing Championships Finals', and what a fantastic day it was!

I've seen dragsters on the TV before, and heard people talk about how the ground vibrates, but you don't really appreciate the awesome power being unleashed until you see it, and indeed feel it, for real - I certainly didn't!  And awesome it was.  The speed with which those cars get off the line is, quite simply, stunning.  

And then there's the bikes; how they keep those things on the ground and upright is beyond me (I had a wander round the pits and had a close look at one of the bikes - I have to say what I saw did not inspire confidence; jubilee clips and cable ties seemed to be what was holding it all together!  New respect for those guys!)



And of course no day at Santa Pod would be complete without seeing the Fireforce Jet Funny Car - I'm rather pleased with this photo, taken towards the end of the run so he's approaching 300mph here!

So, enjoy the pictures, feel the thunder, and put Thursday 8th to Sunday 11th September 2011 in your diaries and get down there for an awesome spectacle!  More Details Here .....