Monday, 7 March 2011

Ed Verosky's 'About Photography' Podcast ... With Yours Truly!

Yes - Me!  On a Podcast!  Well I never !!  I was delighted to be asked to participate on a podcast with Ed Verosky, a professional photographer based in New York City who writes eBooks on photography as well as his Blog and Podcasts.  And this despite me having a moan at him ...!!

I've bought a few of Ed's eBooks, but it was shortly after buying one he offered it for free to new subscribers!  So I left him a tongue-in-cheek message on his blog asking what he was going to offer existing members.  He didn't get the joke straight away and apologised, but saw the funny side when I explained my comment (must be the British sense of humour!  or should that be humor?!!).

In the meantime he'd taken a look at my website and liked what he saw (obviously a man of great taste) so asked if I'd be interested in participating in one of his podcasts about studio lighting.  I must admit to having a listen to a couple of his existing podcasts to check they weren't too technical, but reassured I could talk sensibly at the right level I agreed to discuss High and Low Key Lighting.

Another first for me was to use Skype - and this worked very well, much better than I had expected - so clear we could have been next to each other.

So anyway, if you feel so inclined have a listen - though you'll have to fast forward to 7:30 minutes to get to my bit (if you listen to Mike and Ed first they're off the wall so I come over as very dry - which if you know me is far from the truth, but hey - I have an image to keep you know!)

About-Photography Podcast #12