Tuesday, 17 May 2011

From my Library .... Channel Crossing!

In 2007 a group of boats from RIB Shack Marine took the plunge and motored over to the Channel Islands - and the weather could not have been any better!

The English Channel was like a mill pond - smooth as a mirror the whole way across. And the return journey was much the same - here's another boat (can't remember which) around mid-channel. 

The day didn't quite go to plan - we were heading for Guernsey where we would have had free access to a fuel station, but due to a couple of laggards and one boat needing to stop for fuel on the outward leg, we were over an hour behind schedule.  So to make sure we could comfortably and safely return in daylight we diverted to Alderney, though we had to arrange with the local garage to stay open late (by late I mean after lunchtime!) so we had fuel for the boats to make the return leg.

Alderney Harbour

As I said, the weather was idyllic for a cruise which meant we tended to go quite quickly which didn't help the fuel consumption, but made the coffee stops en route a comfortable affair. Being the weekend the traffic was quite light as well - only two container ships spotted all day!

All in all a day to remember.