Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Look Mom - I'm Blogging!

Well, after many tests and trials to see what works and what doesn't, here we go - the big launch into the blogosphere! Is this going to revolutionise blogging and become one of the best read blogs out there? Absolutely NOT! Then why do it you ask (I'm sure you thought it even if you didn't actually ask it - besides, it'd be a bit strange if you did sit there and actually say it out loud - I can't hear you after all). Well, . . . .

If you're reading this because you know me (who else would) then you'll know I'm responsible for my company's website and all the digital 'stuff' that goes with it. Both our PR and digital media agencies think blogs are a good thing. Me? Not so sure. So, rather than continue to sit in blissful ignorance I thought I'd give it a go to answer questions like "does it take an inordinate amount of time?" and "how easy is it to generate interesting content?" and "why does toast always fall butter side down?!" That's why I'm here.

Rather than 'blog' about just anything I've decided to link this to my photography although I will include some other musings and ramblings (probably more rambling than musing - I'm doing it now in fact) just to add a bit of variety.

So, photography. A lifelong hobby. Let's get one thing straight from the outset - I'm a Canon man. I have nothing against anyone on the dark side - I mean who shoots Nikon. Or anything else for that matter (I always wanted an Olympus OM-10 when I was a lad). It's a bit like the Apple Vs PC argument - and for the record I use a desktop PC and a MacBook laptop, so I have a foot in both camps there. But I don't have a Nikon.

I have, however, just bought myself an early Christmas present - an EOS 7D body, upgrading from my trusty 40D, so will be sharing tips and experiences using this - its a camera that's certainly generated a lot of discussion in the forums! Is it noisy? Are there focussing issues? Looks like I'll be finding out for myself.

As well as the Canon bodies (I also have a 350D for the record, although my wife's using it now - more about her influence on my photography another time!) I have a couple of 'L' series lenses, a couple of Sigma lenses, and a few other assorted Canon and Tamron lenses acquired over the years.

And while I'm talking about Apple (say what?) I'm also an iPhone convert and have recently bought an iPad 'for evaluation' - as a tool of course, "it's not a toy darling"! Now there's something else that's generated a lot of discussion - a bit like Marmite, you either love it or hate it. What surprises me is that so many people hate it without even having tasted it (the iPad that is, if you get my drift). If you can bear the bad puns and mixed metaphors I'll share my views and experiences with this "tool" as well.

OK - enough for a first sitting. You can get too much of a good thing after all!! But before I sign off, as this is supposed to be about my photography, I guess I'd better post a picture - so here goes, one from the library: wheel-popping action from the National Hot Rod Association meet at Shakespeare Raceway

Enjoy! Until next time ....